1 Year On

In the 12 months since we launched The Knowledge Bank, I have been delighted with the positive reaction we’ve had from across Scotland’s food and drink sector. There’s still a lot of work to do and businesses to engage with, but we’re hoping this will continue as we enter year two.

The food and drink sector is still feeling the pinch of the pandemic but our insights have already helped businesses across the food and drink sector to evolve. This is the first time that we’ve launched a service like this in Scotland, with the scale and capacity to lead the way for Scotland’s food and drink sector using market insights. We believe that businesses need to be market and consumer driven, but we’re aware that many don’t have the resources or expertise in house to undertake research.

Our insights can help, and The Knowledge Bank has a range of resources that can be accessed for free for food and drink businesses based in Scotland. We set this up with a clear goal – to create a central point for anyone involved in the food and drink industry in Scotland to have access to a range of reports, events and bespoke market and industry insight to help grow their businesses. Our sector is important to the Scottish economy and a large employer, so it’s really important that we can help businesses access market insight that will help them grow and help grow our economy. These insights will be key to helping food and drink businesses build resilience, grow sustainably, creating new products, building distribution as well as differentiating their offering in markets. Understanding the opportunities that are out there and having a deep understanding of consumer trends is essential for success.

During the last 12 months, we’ve worked with a variety of intelligence and research partners to commission research to benefit Scottish companies. The insights we’ve been able to offer ranges from data on health and wellness trends, insights on eating out post pandemic, provenance, grocery and category market insight, consumer behaviour to deep dives on specific opportunities such as sustainability and e-commerce as well as looking to the future trends. We’ve shared these insights through webinars and in-person events.

We’ll continue to build on all of this as we enter year two. Our new website is about to launch, offering access to a bank of information. At the heart of what we do is turning data, research, knowledge and intelligence into actionable insights that businesses can put to practical use. The Knowledge Bank has been made possible with funding that we received from the Food and Drink Recovery Plan funded by The Scottish Government and executed by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership.

If you’re part of the food and drink supply chain in Scotland and interested in gaining access to the wealth of data we have available…. get in touch.  We’re waiting to hear from you.